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Maeng da Kratom is synonymous with high quality Kratom the world over.  It appeared on the Kratom scene a little later in the game, but the moment it did, it was "game over" for all other types of Kratom, including the reigning champion known as "Bali" Kratom.  In its simplest terms, "Maeng da" has been translated to mean "Pimp Grade" Kratom from Thailand.  It's a premium Kratom that is harvested from only the most mature leaves, which produce the strongest Kratom currently available.

Beware, though, there are more than a few unscrupulous vendors who claim to have Maeng da Kratom, when in fact it's only a blend of Maeng da and Bali.  Worse yet, are the vendors who claim to have Maeng da Kratom when in fact it's only Bali.  One of the only ways to tell quality Kratom is by the price and reputation.  Only buy from a shop that's been around for a number of years.  In today's market, no one will survive very long if they sell junk.  There are too many places on the internet to post complaints about a store or the product offered at the store, for a store to be in business very long.

That's partly why we work so hard here at BuyKratom to be different.  We don't put our money into marketing and packaging (although we do ensure our packaging us double-walled, and arrives sealed to you 100% of the time); instead we put our money into sourcing only the most genuine Kratom we can find, especially in relation to the quite costly (and rare) Maeng da variety of Kratom.  The rest of our time is spent ensuring that you, dear customer, are completely happy with your experience here at BuyKratom, as well as the service you recieve, and the product itself.

Since we're speaking of Maeng da here, let me show you the Maeng da products we have here at

First, we have the Maeng Da Crushed Leaf.  This is pure Maeng da Kratom, simply crushed into a tea-cut leaf.

Next, we have a powdered version of the Maeng da called, aptly enough; Maeng da Powdered Leaf.  This is exactly the same as the Maeng da Crushed Leaf, but it's powdered instead.

After that, we proudly offer 2 types of Maeng da Extract; the Maeng Da Powdered Kratom Extract and the Maeng da Ultra Powdered Extract.  They are, without question, the Top Quality Maeng da products offered here at BuyKratom.  And yes, they are priced accordingly as well.  But, believe it or not, despite the high price, our Maeng da Powdered Leaf is a Top Seller here.

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