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Why Buy Kratom?

Besides the passion we have for Kratom as well as the decade of experience with both sourcing and providing Kratom products to a customer base in the tens of thousands, we do our best to keep your kratom buying experience as simple as possible.  Take our Kratom extracts; we offer 3 simple grades of "Bronze", "Silver" and "Gold".  That keeps it simple, and takes the guesswork out of your extract purchase.  And, with, you can rest assured that the consistency of our Kratom products remain the same, purchase after purchase.

Also, we only offer 16 products here at BuyKratom.  And, all of those products just happen to be Kratom products.  What does this mean for you?  It means that we've already sifted through what was initially over 100 Kratom products available for sale by numerous suppliers and "brands" on the internet.  It turns out that despite all of these fancy names for Kratom with names such as "Private Reserve" and "Indo Super" (as well as the very dangerously-named "100x" and other ridiculous and falsely-named strengths); there are just a few suppliers, and most of the available Kratom in the internet marketplace is from just a few suppliers.

So, browsing through our Kratom Catalog is a breeze.  We've got crisp, clean photos of each product (only slightly enhanced with some "vibrance" and "saturation" thanks to Photoshop), large enough to get a clear idea of the exact product you'll be getting when you place your order.  We keep our overhead low (we ship out about 50 orders per day as of this writing, with just 3 full-time people at our facility), to ensure personal service with emails and phone calls.

Yes, we're on Central Time time, but we're eager to answer your emails at [email protected] or via phone at (760) 389-4225.  If it's during normal business hours, go ahead; give it a'll reach a real person!

And, instead of writing tons of useless "spider food" articles, we prefer to remain on the down-low, operating stringently within the absolute letter of the law to protect you, dear customer, with the utmost security on our website, while relying on word of mouth to build our customer base.  We're in no hurry to "cash in" like many others seem to want to do, and only want to provide the absolute best service we can with the absolute best Kratom products currently available.

Lastly, we're just nice people who actually care about spreading the word of this amazing plant to as many as possible.  There is a lot of legislative movement trying to outlaw Kratom at the moment, but we believe that it's a fight that will be won.

So, give us a try.  Find out why BuyKratom is so passionate about this plant, and why we're growing at such a brisk pace.  As sincerely as I could possibly relay to you; my goal is your satisfaction.  From your experience on the website, to the checkout process, to the swiftness you will receive your product, to how quickly we will resolve any issue or how effortless we will make any return, I want you to come back to us.  I want you to talk about us, and I want you to be happy with a product you can trust, purchase after purchase.  BuyKratom exists so you can do just that; buy Kratom at a reasonable price, from reasonable people, who are here for you.